Dr. Eynard

Multicare Feline and Canine Veterinarian


Basic Veterinary Education:

Veterinary Medical Doctorate (V.M.D.),
The School of Veterinary Medicine. 
The University of Pennsylvania

Pre-Veterinary Jesuite Education
BSc Chemistry & BSc Biology,
St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia. 

Pre-Veterinary Education
French Baccalaurate, Natural Sciences & Math
Academy de Nice, Nice, France.

Advanced Veterinary Training​:

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Cardiovascular/ Biomedical engineering 

University of Tennessee/ University of Memphis Collaboration

Residency / PDF Post Veterinary Doctoral Fellowship:
National Institute of Health Funded 3 years residency training
Comparative Medicine, Lab & Exotic species
Training in Animal Facility Designs and Management
The University of Tennessee. 

Residency's Sub-specialisation  
Internship in Non-Human Primate Medicine. 
Harvard University's New England Primate Center. 

Residency's Zoological Externship
The Memphis Zoo Veterinary Health Center

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