Dr. Eynard

Multicare Feline and Canine Veterinarian


Past and Current Professional Experiences:

Current Appointment

​Chief of Staff Veterinarian and Administrator (2002-Current)
The Fairmount Animal Hospital  (SAVUPET, LLC),  Philadelphia               

Past Appointments & Experiences

Animal Welfare University's Consultant

Consultant Veterinarian to the University's Vice President

​IACUC Board Member & Clinical Veterinarian 
​St Joseph's  University, Philadelphia. 

Surgery Veterinarian

Frazer Animal Hospital

Staff Veterinarian

Narberth Animal Hospital

Associate Veterinarian

Springfield Animal Hospital

SPCA Clinical Veterinarian,
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals, 
Montgomery County

Animal Services Unit Assistant Director of Operation,
School of Medicine

The University of Pennsylvania 

Clinical and Animal Welfare Staff Veterinarian,

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, Texas. 

Clinical Veterinarian,

IACUC Board Member

The Veteran Administration Hospital

Houston, Texas. 

Veterinary Resident ( 3 years Post Doc. Fellow),

The Memphis Medical Center

The University of Tennessee, Memphis.

fairmount animal hospital